Core Values



We believe that the wonder and power of the Christian gospel in its redemptive fullness in Jesus Christ is the only hope for a culture that has gone post-Christian.


We believe that many populations within western culture operate on mindsets (“paradigms”) that are noticeably different than their parents’ and grandparents’ generations (in Modernity and Postmodernity). Because of the hardening effects of postmodern thought upon this culture, people interpret with a post-Christian-conditioned mindset.


While previous generations possessed more elements of Judeo-Christian ethics, virtues and biblical values in their system-of-thinking, today’s generation possesses few, if any of those elements in their decision-making processes. We recognize that Christians must see this shift and devise ways and means to address this deficiency.


In order for the wonder and the power of the Christian gospel to reach maximum impact under the Holy Spirit’s direction, we believe its meaning and application must be contextualized accurately and proclaimed intelligently and passionately at the post-Christian elements found in our culture’s system of thinking (paradigms).


Because western culture shows the increasing effects of the Post-Christian Condition (PCC), we believe that leaders, churches and Christians must understand this new cultural mindset and modify their ministry strategies, methods, business practices and priorities accordingly.


In order to understand and to address the Post-Christian-conditioned mindset in insightful ways, we sense God’s call to research and to produce new resources and contextualized tools in order to equip and to empower present and future leaders to serve with faithfulness and fruitfulness in all their endeavors.


We believe that obedience to God in the fulfillment of the Great Commission necessitates faithful, prayerful dependence upon the Holy Spirit along with a fruitful work ethic that pursues diligence, integrity, healthy relationships, collaborative teamwork, partnerships, personal and corporate growth, positive results and trust.


We believe that God deserves the glory and that people deserve encouragement, direction and accountability in the pursuit of their God-given calling, giftedness and potential.