Publish Resources


Publish Resources

Develop and Distribute Content

Research, write, publish, and distribute relevant resources regarding the PCC across traditional and digital platforms.

  1. Completed book: DISConnect: Preaching and Teaching to the Post-Christian Condition
  2. In development/writing: Judeo-Christian America: Calling Post-Christian America back to her Founding Roots
  3. In research: The 16 Indisputable Laws of Preaching: Follow Them and People Will Listen to You
  4. In research: Leadership the Jesus Way: Discovering Qualities and Actions that made Him the Greatest Person that Ever Lived
  5. In formulation: My Own Worst Enemies: How the Gospel Addresses and Overcomes the Post-Christian Issues in my Life
  6. In formulation: They Will Know We are Christians by Our…:Living Authentically in a Post-Christian Culture

Publishing Needs

Identifying key contacts who can leverage the importance of the PCC into viable markets for distribution.

  1. A literary agent.
  2. A publishing company whose market audience closely matches with the PCC.